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Installed new fuel filter; now it won't start

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Hi all. Was having starting problems after a winter storm. Engine turned over, made like it wanted to start, then died. So my first (only, probably) option was
to replace the fuel filter.

I went up on YouTube and found a guy who was installing a vertical aligned filter instead of the stock one the lies on the bottom of the housing. So I bought
the vertical one, took out the old filter and put in the new one. Everything is back together. The engine turns over fine but refuses to start. I called Honda and they said, "Yeah, it's gonna be tough to start. Don't prime it. Just give it a chance to build pressure and let the vapors reach the injectors." Ok, so that's what
I've been doing for a couple of hours now--charging and recharging the battery. Not a cough out of it.

Before I take it into the shop (Monday), can anyone here offer some advice or a tip or two as to how to get the fuel through the filter and into the injectors?
The plugs are good, I'm sure. I just need a way to get it to fire. Then I think it will start.

Thanks a bunch for any help.
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Did you install it backwards?
Fuel will only flow one way thru some filters; that’s how water is screened out.

If it were me I’d take that filter off, drain old gas out; put appropriate amount of Berryman Chemtool in the tank and try to clear the fuel system
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