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Installed new fuel filter; now it won't start

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Hi all. Was having starting problems after a winter storm. Engine turned over, made like it wanted to start, then died. So my first (only, probably) option was
to replace the fuel filter.

I went up on YouTube and found a guy who was installing a vertical aligned filter instead of the stock one the lies on the bottom of the housing. So I bought
the vertical one, took out the old filter and put in the new one. Everything is back together. The engine turns over fine but refuses to start. I called Honda and they said, "Yeah, it's gonna be tough to start. Don't prime it. Just give it a chance to build pressure and let the vapors reach the injectors." Ok, so that's what
I've been doing for a couple of hours now--charging and recharging the battery. Not a cough out of it.

Before I take it into the shop (Monday), can anyone here offer some advice or a tip or two as to how to get the fuel through the filter and into the injectors?
The plugs are good, I'm sure. I just need a way to get it to fire. Then I think it will start.

Thanks a bunch for any help.
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Take out plug and ground it to the engine and try cranking. If spark is blue or a bright orange then it's good. But whiteish is bad.
Video you turning her over, post on YouTube and share link on here

Check that fuel filter, be sure it's not in backwards.
Glad to help. And glad you got it figured out, cheap fix too.

Oh and welcome to the forums!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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