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Installed a clutch now won’t start

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My son put a Henson Clutch in his Honda 300 ex today put fresh oil back in put it all back together .First time around started perfect no problem we shut it off and than nothing you can hear it clicking but nothing happens.. It won’t start when it’s in Neutral either? If you rock back and fourth sometimes it would start but now nothing after a couple times of it being started. We have racked our brains all day trying to figure this out? Someone said something about the Rod that was taken out but not sure?Checked battery it’s good also the clutch is very lose barely any tension?
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Welcome! I’m not familiar with the 300EX but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last month...

Did you take your battery to someone to load test it? How do you know it’s good?

The clicking tells me the low amp ignition system control circuit is complete—the clicking is the solenoid (relay switch for the high amp starter circuit) closing or trying to close.

Is the noise a chattering solenoid? Not enough power to keep solenoid closed. Then most likely bad battery or poor battery cable connection.

Is the noise a solid click and nothing until the starter button released? Indicates battery good enough to close solenoid but not enough to crank also maybe bad connection to starter, hung or bad starter or something else hanging up. Is there a kick or pull starter in this model?

If a hum and everything goes very dim most likely a bad solenoid
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LOL glad you liked it Ted; @SamUK might not have seen it. “You’re not a surgeon.” “No, I’m no surgeon but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

My favorite one is the Kayak commercial “brain surgery” my daughter works in the neuro operating room. Never gets old!

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