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Indiana riders?? where u at? any on here?

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just like it says. wanting to see if there are any Indiana boys or girls on here?
i live in southern indiana near bedford and bloomington area.
im way out here in the sticks:icon_ rocker:
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Hey I live in Franklin. Where do you ride? You know anybody with private land? I'm tired of having to drive up to badlands just to ride event though its a badass place and I hate haspin. That place is a dump!
I'm not much into jumping yet cause I've only been riding for a short time but I love trail riding. hell yeah man you'll have to PM me your number if you don't mind me tagging along sometime. I just never get to ride cause everything legal is so far away. you'll laugh at my ford focus with a little tilt trailer!!! LOL
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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