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independent rear wheels set up?

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Hey yall. I was a little bored so I was just looking at rims and tires for an atv with irs. What hit me was the offsets. Can the irs atvs still run the wider rims like the solid axle ones? or should both the offsets be the same and keep the same width tires?
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I just went through all this myself. If you run SRA rims on an IRS machine, the rears will stick out quite a bit. If buying aftermarket wheels, like ITP's most sizes will be 7" wide for a 4x110 bolt pattern, though 8" may also be available (I don't know if you can get them for a 4x110 pattern). For IRS machines, the front and rear wheels will have the same offset...for a 7" wide wheel, this will typically be a 5+2 (though 4+3 may be available for some bolt patterns). What this means is that the mounting surface, the part that contacts the hub, will be 5" from the inside plane (lip) of the rim and 2" from the outside plane.

On a SRA machine, the same aftermarket wheels will have a 5+2 offset on the front, and a 2+5 offset on the rear (still a 7" wide wheel). This means that each back wheel will stick out 3" further than the intended wheel, and the total rear width will be at least 6" wider than the front (which would already be narrower even if using the proper wheels). After all is said and done, the rear will be closer to 8" wider than the front if you put SRA offset wheels on a IRS machine...unless of course you put the same offset wheels on front and back, in which case your atv would be reeeally wide and hard to handle.

Conversely, you cannot put IRS wheels on a SRA machine, they would rub on the plastics/frame.

The SRA machines have a much narrower hub-to-hub width on the rear. This is to help keep the solid axles from bending. Since the axles are shorter, the mounting surface of the wheel is moved inward to compensate.
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I've seen looks rediculous.
25's front and rear. I didn't want to sacrifice any horsepower.
o ok. does it pull them really good
I can't feel any difference between these and my stockers. I'm guessing that the added weight of the tires was offset by the reduced weight of the aluminum wheels.
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