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Impossible bolt? Engine damage if removed? (with pic)

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I have a 2003 250EX (same engine as recon 250)

The Recon has a recoil starter, the 250EX does not. The 250EX has a blank plate where the recoil would go. Inside is a bolt that need to be removed for the recoil basket.

The bolt I'm trying remove is connected to the engine, so when ever I try loosen the bolt, the engine will just turn over.

I've tried putting it in 1st gear and reverse gear to lock the engine, but the engine will still spin so the gear has no effect.

Any idea how in heck I would get this bolt off?

Looks like there is a o-ring and another part attached this bolt (#9) (see pic below)

Perhaps I will damage something up by removing the bolt? It might not be as easy as just removing the bolt and re-installing it...? Will it damage the engine or loosen any parts that I can not get access without disassembling the engine? Any idea's?


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I can't hardly tell by the diagram, but I think you're talking about the crank bolt. Does the bolt go in the end of the crankshaft? If so, I always just use an air impact wrench to remove the bolt and you don't have to hold anything.

Just curious, but are you trying to put a recoil starter on it?
Thanks for the reply! I think I will give this a try.
Blue loctite when I put it back on, right? Do I use an impact again to install it or how do I torque it to spec?

Yes, this is the flywheel (crank bolt?) bolt I'm trying to remove.

I'm worried about #9 in the picture that it will not come out with the bolt, but rather fall into the engine. Is this a valid concern?

I got a recoil and recoil basket off a honda recon (same engine.) I don't know why honda never put the recoil on the 250EX. Nice to have incase my battery dies.

Take care,
I'm not too familiar with the 250, but on most engines, that piece (#9 in your diagram above) fits over the splines on the end of the crankshaft and the outside seals against that oil seal, so it can't fall off. But on the 250, it looks like it's made different than most engines, so I don't know if it can fall off or not.

As for installing the bolt with an impact wrench, you're not supposed to, but I always do. You're supposed to torque it. I always just use an impact wrench because it's a lot easier and you don't have to hold anything. Just don't overdo it if you have a real strong impact. I never use locktite there, but I don't think it would hurt anything.

The diagram below shows how that is set up on most engines.

#10 is the piece that splines to the end of the crankshaft. See the notches on the other end where the pull rope assembly locks in to turn it. #16 is the crank bolt.

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Cool, thanks!

Wish me luck. I'm going to try tonight and see how it goes.

Thanks for the detailed post!

Take care,
Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.
And if anyone asks, the recoil from a Recon DOES bolt right up to a 250EX. Need just 2 parts. The basket and the recoil bolt right up.
That's good info to know.

I'm probably one of few people who have a recoil pull start on a 250EX, but now I don't have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere!
Yeah, I like having a backup starter. I took the recoil assembly off of a 600 Grizzly and put it on my son's 350 Warrior. It bolted right up and works perfect.

Thanks again for all the advice Helmut!
You're welcome, glad to help.
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