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I'll rent this from ÿou

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I need to replace the swing arm bearings on a 2001 Honda Recon. I need the "socket" that is used to removed the lock nuts in the swing arm. (Nuts look like a castle nut). They sell the "socket" for $50 but knowing I'll only use the thing one or two times, I'm too cheap to buy it. Anyone got one I could "rent"? Any ideas how to get the bolt off without the special socket thing. I've seen videos on how to make the socket thing but really don't want to mess with making one. If you've got one, name your price and I'll rent it for a weekend.
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You can make one from an old socket, make a template from some paper, cut it out, laybit on a similar sized socket and cut into the socket with an angle grinder.
You'll also find you will only need that castle but socket to tighten the locknut, when you remove the Swing arms bolts/pins the lock but will come with them.

I sprayed mine with WD40 for about a week before doing the bearings, came out very easily.
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