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I want a honda 4x4, but which one?

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Hi, new to the forum. I currently have a 2005 trx450r. I started when i was 7 with an old early 80's honda 50. Then i bought a crf100f, bored it etc. Now i have a quad (honda)! Basically i love hondas and want a 4x4 honda. I'm in school now so i can't get a newer one. I was looking at the old honda fourtrax 300 4x4. I heard that they are tough machines. What's a good price and year for one? And would anybody else recomend another honda, like a foreman, or a 350, or 450? I just dont want to spend over $2000.

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All depends on what you want. The 300 is a great machine and anything from like 93-2000 are all the same.

As for other models, for the price range you want to pay you're looking at older machines so they all will have carbs, straight rear axles, etc, so the size is all you really need to decide about, and anything will be a good machine.
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