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I need some solid advice

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At 70 years old I've come to the conclusion my co-ordination is not what it used to be. Me and my lil 300 need all the help we can get. I think a set of spacers on the rear wheels "may" offer me better stability. Getting a moose out to my truck last year the rear of the 300 felt like a little more width would help. What do you guys think? If yes, what thickness?
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Sal' , I have 2 inch spacers onTRX300 Utility Quads , no problems ---------------- on the extreme end I have seen people run double 3" spacers on each side
My thoughts were 1-1 1/2" per side. I have all stock suspension. Should I be concerned about the fender clearance?
Great job keeping after it salarguy!
No I don’t think a wider track will help you at all; if anything you want to keep the front end down.
As alloutdoors mentioned it’s all about reducing the rearward friction component and keeping your CG centered.

A sled can help; make sure you pack your gear on the front rack—balance that CG.

Check this article about atv rider impaled by the antler of an elk he was towing
Hunter rescued after being impaled by elk horn during ATV crash - WCMH

I was thinking the front quarter of moose would keep the front down pretty good.:big-grin
Thanks so much guys I think I will try the 1 1/2" Amazon has them for $40.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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