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I need a rear brake caliper!

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anybody got a rear brake caliper layin around cheap for a 300ex? Ohh and some type of an exhaust really cheap? Stock would be fine I only need the muffler. I just picked up a 300ex for a couple hundred bucks and when I brought it home and dumped it out of the bucket it came in I realized I was missin a few things!!:redface:
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I just changed mine because it was leaking from back side where the e brake is. I found one form a 400ex and it fit perfect, but the new one had an aftermarket e brake eliminator block off plug. I bet that is all I needed in the first place. If that is where yours is leaking from you just need to buy that $12 part and eliminate the e brake like I did. Or I still got my old one if you need that.
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