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I have been busy with a crazy to do list for the wife,lol.

That said I also met some guys local who ride 250r's and have and are building hyrbid atv's.

Before I go nuts trying to find a new heart for my 300ex,what if anyone knows how the 330 kit,with my white brothers head pipe and slip will do,stock 300ex carb if it can be jetted for this ap and a hot cam maybe stg 2.

Would the bottom end hold up?Does anyone make a better clutch for the 300 I could run to put this power down?

Last thing is if I want to run a 18"tire and I am finding that the bike is in 5th way to soon,
I need a much taller sprocket set up,any input?HELP

I am also thinking of 400 or 450r plastic or maybe 250r.
I had a set of 250r coming but was scammed on eBay,so now I am on the hunt again.

I am wanting to get 400ex power or a touch better with this build,is that a silly goal?

If not I am thinking 2-stroke hybrid maybe 300cc would be too much fun.

Current pic's.

The wheels and tires on the 300 are temps,but they are fun to ride on.

The 250r

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