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i have a question??

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ok i plan on selling my 300ex and buying a trx450r very soon.. i will be putting it in the local mud runs to try to win some money.... when i get it i plan on puting some performance upgrades in it... i wanted to no if a small bore long stroke would be better than big bore smaller stroke??
need help
thanks in advance
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well now that i was going to do that now my 300ex is idles wildy... sometimes it idles right and other times look out... can u get replacment parts for the carb on the ex??
well its in the automatic idle a part of a little arm broke off and i dont no wat it is called
i think there is a cover on the other side.. its in there
thats the right cover. but id dont see it.. it might have broke bad enough to where i cant reconize it.. i will look at it 2morrow and post a pic of it
turns out that it didnt need that part.. it runs great now
thanks for the help
wat mud tires do u guys no about that will fit a 300ex.. im having a problem finding a good tire that will fit my rim
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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