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I’m having trouble

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How do remove a 2018 Honda rancher cage on the axle after I got the ball bearing and all that off I have been stuck on this for 2 hours
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How do I get this off
guessing that is the outer end ?, you don't !!!. they do not come apart like the inner joint does.
and that is called the cv joint by the way :).
you have to if want to put an outer boot on do not !. the outer end does not come apart. the inner joint does. break the axle down starting from the inner joint, once thats apart, you remove the outer boot bands, remove the bad boot by sliding it off towards the inner joint end. once its off, you reverse the process, slide new boot on from the inner end, over the cv joint on the outer end, bands, then install small bands on the inner boot, slide boot on, assemble inner joint, install inner bands..walla !.
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that’s not the outer in that’s the inner end
can't be. the inner has a c-clip that holds the bearing cage on the axle. only the outer ends do not have the c-clip on them. can you post a full pic of the axle including the cups on the end ?. something is not right here from what your saying.
what is the full year/make/model of this rancher ???. it helps to tell us wth your working on. ( 2018 rancher don't tell us nothing ).
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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