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I’m having trouble

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How do remove a 2018 Honda rancher cage on the axle after I got the ball bearing and all that off I have been stuck on this for 2 hours
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It’s is a 2018 420 rancher with its but it’s the right front axle
yea But the question is there a ring inside that cage I have pull for it to come off or do I just pull the whole cage off with a three prong puller thanks tho I will look these down later
think I’m just gonna try to pull off with a three prong puller and see what happens
well if anyone one y’all can tell me something by seeing it just comment your Facebook or something so I can send a picture of what I’m talking about
this is what I’m talking about


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you have to if want to put an outer boot on
that’s not the outer in that’s the inner end
I got it of you have use a puller
1 - 13 of 23 Posts
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