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How to test float valve

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So i've got my 03 300ex about 90% dialed in but it still acts like its flooding if i shut it off and try to start again. The only way i can get around it is to shut the gas off 1st and let the engine die. It sounds to me like a float valve issue but ive cleaned it with a q-tip and used 2 different valve needles but the issue persists. These floats are not adjustable so i was hoping to find out a way to test its functionality to see if this is indeed the problem. Thanks in advance guys
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If you blow in the fuel inlet with the carb upright it should blow right through, when the carb upside down the float valve will be closed and you will not be able to blow through the inlet. That’s basically how I check them.

But, sometimes they will leaky slowly and it’s hard to tell, all you can do is clean the seat the best you can and replace the float needle, if that doesn’t fix it then the carb is junk.

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