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How to seal airbox

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I believe water is getting into my airbox through the lid when crossing deep water. I have a snorkel and differentials vented as well as the carb vented to the snorkel.

Using RTV gasket maker is it possible to still be able to open the airbox or do you need to break it apart each time? Im not sure if im supposed to apply it then stick it closed while wet, or apply it to the lid and the airbox let each dry then compress them closed? Any help appreciated.
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Might be able to find some neoprene or other gasket material at a Lowes or Home Depot and make a proper gasket. If you use silicone and make a bead, you'd better make sure the bead is the exact same size all the way around or water will seep in through the thinner spots.

What's this about venting the diff's?
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