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How to remove clutches on 96 300

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finally got to tear in to figure out what my problem was i had an engine vibration and a loud racket sounded like a chain and faster you went louder it got checked my timing chain and its tight and a 4wheeler shop told me could be clutches wearing out and i did find some clutch material so now im trying to get my clutch out and looks like i need a special tool?anyone know


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I don't know how I missed this post yesterday. But, like Fourtrax said, the centrifugal clutch has left hand threads, so turn it clockwise to loosen. The centrifugal clutch is pressed on, but I've took a lot of them off over the years and I've never had to have a puller. Sometimes they are easy to get off and sometimes they are a little harder to get off. Sometimes, I have to use both hands and pull very hard to get them off. I usually give the side of the clutch a little rap with a hammer to jar it before trying to pull it off. Don't hit it hard enough to damage anything, just a quick rap to jar it. If for some reason you still can't get it off, you may have to get a puller.

For the other clutch, you won't need to remove the nut, looks like you've got the clutches ready to come out as soon as you get the centrifugal clutch off.
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I've never had to use a puller on the clutch, but in the service manual, Honda lists the part #07933-HB3000A for the clutch puller tool.
I bet this puller would work. It says it's for the 450 and 500 Foreman, but I bet it will work on the Fourtrax 300, too, as long as the piece that it screws on is the same size threads.
Honda Clutch Puller - ATV Parts Hub

see if that is what you got. i ran the number and thats what came up.according to the description sounds like it is and ill get it ordered
I believe that will work. I can't see any threads in the end of the puller on the inside, but they're probably there. They're real fine threads.
i got news for ya'll..those clutch pullers won't work on the centrifugal takes a two-jaw type of puller the pull this clutch off the does not have internal takes a puller that has jaws that go on the outside of the clutch housing..and uses a long threaded bolt to push on the end of the crank..those pic's that ya'll linked will not work on the centrifugal clutch housing..not from what i've worked on anyway.
Yes, that puller will work, Shadetree. The clutch has fine threads on the outside of the hub where the shaft comes through. The yellow arrow, in the picture below, points to where the threads are. I just went out to my garage and looked at one that came off a Fourtrax 300 to make sure.

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No, it doesn't have threads on the crank, it has threads on the outside of that hub on the clutch where the yellow arrow is pointing to. It is real fine threads and they are hard to see, but they're there. They're right where the tip of that yellow arrow is touching.
I didn't realize the centrifugal clutch had those threads on it either, until I looked close. You won't even notice them unless you look real close. That hub with the threads only sticks up about an 1/8 of an inch or so.
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