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How to remove clutches on 96 300

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finally got to tear in to figure out what my problem was i had an engine vibration and a loud racket sounded like a chain and faster you went louder it got checked my timing chain and its tight and a 4wheeler shop told me could be clutches wearing out and i did find some clutch material so now im trying to get my clutch out and looks like i need a special tool?anyone know


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alright thanks for that good info ill see if i cant get em off sat
i tried what you all said to no avail idk why it wont come off.i did a search for "1996 honda fourtrax 300 clutch removal tool" and got nothing.ANyone got any ideals we tried a steering wheel puller and it wouldnt rap around the clutch enough to grab it. Id really like to get this aggravating thing fixed so it can go up for sale!
yea nuts are off both of them and it aint budging this thing has been aggravating since i bought it i had it 2 months and it tore up now it has sat torn up since july 4th.ill run that part number and see if i find the tool if not i think ill button it back up and let it be someone elses headache and go get me a new one
jeffnut where did u get it at?
Honda Clutch Puller - ATV Parts Hub

see if that is what you got. i ran the number and thats what came up.according to the description sounds like it is and ill get it ordered
cool ill get it and ull hear from me in a few days! thanks
that puller i bought that says its fits fourtrax from 88-98 and replaces the factory part dont fit its too big
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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