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How to identify models?

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How does Honda decide whether a quad is Rancher, Foreman, Rincon, Rubicon, etc.?
I always thought Ranchers were the first with displays down line and are 420s but I've seen 350 ranchers without the screen. So what's the deal?
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Not any different than how car makers come up with names for their cars and trucks.

They make them up.
Recons are all 250 and 2wd

Ranchers are 350 (01-06), 400AT (04-07) or 420 (07-present). Both 2wd and 4wd available.

Foremans are all 4wd with the exception of 05-06 there were briefly some 2wd's. 350 Foremans (86-89), 400 Foremans, 450 Foremans, 500 Foremans. Larger work rigs

Rubicons looked like a foreman but had automatic transmissions from 01-14. New Rubicons are automatic or IRS Foremans

Rincons are 650-680 and have IRS and a three speed.

The early ES ranchers had displays, and the early footshift ranchers did not. I think all of them have speedometers now but I could be mistaken.
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The display has nothing to do with whether it’s a foreman or Rancher. As far as the 350 Ranchers go here in Canada they all had displays, and in the US only the ES models had displays. And if you really want to get confused in Canada there is no Recon or Rancher they are both just simply fourtrax

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Nobody cares what yall have in Canada Mac.

I kid, I kid.

Actually, yall get the good stuff. Pull starts on the 420's, displays on the footshifts, and the fancy shocks on that trail edition Rubicon.
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