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Well long story short,
In 2014, got a side by side, parked Foreman Honda. When we parked it at times it would not shift. Decided to sell it now. Had to clean the carb, had it off, new battery, at times would not shift, replaced shift motor, now always shifts, but at times the gear select just flashes 3 times or shifts from N to 1st back to N. (like the shift will not complete.) Not sure if you seen my other post-

Question on ES Shifting
I have a 2007 Fourtrax TRX 500 FE Foreman, Replaced the shift motor. Angle sensor Ohm's out to the specs in a 2012 service manual found online. But what I found was the shaft that hooks to the angle sensor just twitches when you manual shift the gears. with a sensor reading from 0.75 to 5.32 ohms would think that shaft should turn 1/8 or more not just a quick twitch. When trying to shift I get 3 flashes on the gear select or goes to 1st then back to N. I did not remove any of the gears hooked to the shift motor teeth looked good. not sure how to time the gears, that is why I never removed them. Looks to me like the shaft is not turning. Any help would be great !! See attachment

How do you time the gears?
How much should the angle shaft turn?
What are 3 flashes on the gear select mean?
would replace the angle sensors but it ohms are OK?
Notice some angle sensors have a metal flat where it contacts the shaft, my don't. Is this an up-date??
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Only way I know to "reset" an ECU is to unhook the battery for a while. But if the issue is still present that is throwing the code(s), they will still come back just like on a car.

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