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Hot Wiring 1986 TRX350

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I have a 1986 Trx350. it recently lost all power to the bars. After some digging I figured out the key switch was bad and only working sometimes. I really need the wheeler this weekend so is there anyway to hot wire it for now? The wires off the switch are as follows (not in any order) red, red/black, pink, black, green, black/white. Can I rig a toggle switch in there somewhere just for the weekend? I saw a picture of the black and green on one side of a toggle with the red on the other. when I connect black to the red or red/black the oil temp light come on, then goes out but no neutral light and no cranking. if I touch the green to the red or red/black it blows the fuses. If I can rig this thing up with a toggle switch what wires should be on either end of the switch? Thanks. Picture attached is what I found randomly in google images.


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personally..i won't give out this info, as this is not something we tend to tell folks, as this leads us to think the atv is stolen ?, ( not saying it is ! ) but we just don't think its a good idea to tell folks how to do this. buy a ignition switch, fix it right, be done with it, stop trying to save a buck !
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