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I have a 2005 TRX 90 that won't move. Runs fine, shifts through all the gears (see video). Here's what I've done:

  • I adjusted the clutch
  • I opened the clutch cover and checked the bolt under the clutch that often gets loose
  • I took apart the one-way clutch and checked the friction material. It looked pretty good and I have pictures:

When I adjust the clutch, I can get it to go real slow in 1st, but won't move fast and won't move in 2nd or higher.

I'm really just trying to narrow it down to the most likely parts that would need replacing. It's a cheap quad, not worth replacing everything, so if there's an obvious part I can grab on eBay for <$100, I'd do that. If the answer is to replace everything, I'm just going to scrap it.

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