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Honda TRX450 FE es Foreman shift issues

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I have the following symptoms: I can shift to 1st, nuetural and reverse only and can't shift at all manually. I changed out shift motor with used ebay one and problem seemed resolved till I went through standing water. Problem returned with same symptoms. I ordered the cheaper new shift unit from ebay and once installed it worked great. Decide to cleanup frame redo brakes and new camo job. After pressure washing the issue returned. So replace shifter motor all good till thing get wet. Change shift motor again all good till get wet again.
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All Honda ATVs require dielectric grease be applied inside every harness connector on the machine before pressure washing them or driving them through water. Everyone last one of them, regardless of the year/model. Since none are waterproofed at the factory, that's the owners responsibility.

ES bikes require further preps by the owner. If you are willing to spend $10 and work hard all day prepping yours, let us know and I'll give ya a link.
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