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Honda trx350 just died

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I was running my Honda trx350 and i was idling for a few minutes and it sounded like it was idling slow and a few minutes went by and I hopped on went about 100 yards and it just bogged out and died. It has spark, and i pulled the plug and put a tiny amount of gas down the hole and replaced the plug it fired up and ran til the fuel used up i guess. Dont know what the problem could be, sounds like to me its a fuel problem to me I hope. The motor wouldn't be blown would it? Help please.
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If it runs when you pour gas in the spark plug hole, then the engine is fine. It sounds like, either, your carb needs cleaned or your electric fuel pump has quit working. Check to see if the fuel pump runs when the key is on. Also check to make sure the fuel filter is not stopped up.
ok, I didn't see a fuel filter on the fuel line
If I remember right, it's supposed to have a fuel filter. If your fuel pump is working, then you probably need to clean the carb.

Whether is supposed to have one or not, I would put one on it.
Yeah, it's supposed to have a fuel filter. #10 in the diagram below.

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The fuel pump has two wires coming out of it a green and a black/blue wire which one is the ground wire. I am thinking the fuel pump must be pooched but I want to check if its gettin power, or if there is a wiring problem. anyone have a wiring diagram.
I don't know which wire is the ground, but I'm guessing the green one. If you have a test light, ground it to the ground terminal on the battery or ground it to a good clean spot on the engine and frame. Tip the sharp end to the hot terminal on the battery to make sure the test light is working. Then, touch or probe the wires, with the key on, to find out which one has power.

Shadetree may be able to help you more with this, because he just finished restoring his Foreman 350. I don't think he's been on here in a few days, though.
Dont know if it matters or not but the year of the 350 is a 86
The years are basically all about the same. There are a few minor differences. I don't think the '86 had the "Foreman" stickers on them, but they are a Foreman. In '87, they came out with the "Foreman" stickers on them.

I don't have a wiring diagram for one of those. I have one for just about everything but one of those.
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