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Honda trx350 just died

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I was running my Honda trx350 and i was idling for a few minutes and it sounded like it was idling slow and a few minutes went by and I hopped on went about 100 yards and it just bogged out and died. It has spark, and i pulled the plug and put a tiny amount of gas down the hole and replaced the plug it fired up and ran til the fuel used up i guess. Dont know what the problem could be, sounds like to me its a fuel problem to me I hope. The motor wouldn't be blown would it? Help please.
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ok, I didn't see a fuel filter on the fuel line
The fuel pump has two wires coming out of it a green and a black/blue wire which one is the ground wire. I am thinking the fuel pump must be pooched but I want to check if its gettin power, or if there is a wiring problem. anyone have a wiring diagram.
Dont know if it matters or not but the year of the 350 is a 86
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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