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Honda TRX300 Kick Start Clicking

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Hello everyone,

I recently acquired a 1989 Honda TRX300. Overall the ATV is in kind of rough shape, but the engine starts right up with the electric starter and it drives just fine. However, when it starts up I hear a loud clicking coming from the kick start. From what I have read, it sounds like somebody at some point removed the kick start and then reinstalled it wrong. There actually isn't even a pedal on it, but I think that's the only thing missing.

How can I fix this, and do you know what all is involved? I'm kind of a beginner when it comes to working on ATVs, but I'm wanting to learn. I'd prefer to not have to pull the engine or anything like that if not absolutely necessary, though, because I'm not confident that I'd get it back on right. Can I get away with just draining the oil, taking a few bolts off to remove the cover, and getting to the kick start assembly that way?

On an unrelated note, does anyone know where to get a cheap replacement gas tank? I'm seeing them online for $150 which seems crazy to me, but maybe that's just what they run.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Most the time I've come to this,. It's the spring not putting the kicker in the correct home position. I know that much,. But when fixing it, I'm not sure, cause I never had to. A solution tho,. You said the kicker wasn't even on the motor,. Look up and see how tough it'd be to go inside and remove the spring or cut the kick shaft in half so it doesn't contact but also doesn't lose seal for your oil. First though,. I'd get some channel locks or vice grips,. And hrab that shaft and try to turn it backwards while it's running and see if that stops it. If I remember right,. The traxs kicked forward,. So you'll turn it back and try to return it to home position.. never know,. May just have just build up holding it off a tad . Good luck
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