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I have a question for you guys. I have my 1996 Honda TRX 300 that I bought new. It's been great but lately I have difficulty shifting it up or down. It's just hard to shirt and sometimes it just will not shift.

I adjusted the clutch per the manual but it didn't help any. I also changed the oil with Castrol GTX motorcycle oil thinking maybe the friction properties of the oil might be the problem but it didn't help any.

Do I need to buy a clutch pack and put in it? I see them on Amazon for about 75$.

thanks for any help you can offer.

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You can test the clutch and if it is working you won't need to replace it. Try this somewhere out in the open where you won't run over something:

With the motor idling and in neutral, reach down with your hand, grip the shifter lever and pull it into 1st gear without letting the shifter lever back down.... just hold the lever up firmly and continue to hold it up. Then give it some throttle. If the bikes moves or tries to creep forward, the change clutch needs to be readjusted. If the bike holds still while revving the motor a bit, but begins to move forward as you slowly allow the shifter lever to return, the clutch is adjusted correctly and is working as intended.

If it still shifts hard with a correctly adjusted and working clutch, you have a mechanical issue to troubleshoot, either in the shifter linkage/ratchet mechanism or the shift drum cams/shift forks.

If it continues to creep or move forward during the test after readjusting the change clutch, the clutch discs will likely need to be replaced due to warped steels or sticking frictions.

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