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honda trx 300 4x4 bearings

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trx 300 bearings


I h ave a honda trx 300 4x4 1998 model ive had the quad a few years now i and a short while after i got it the wheel bearings had play in them and couldnt be tightened anymore so i changed them and they still had play in them ive tried everything my dads a mechanic hes looked at it and cant find anything either i would kind of like to get it sorted been going with them with play in them for ages and nothing has ever happened but its weird how theres nothing

plz help
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no the bearings need to be pressed in they dont just slip in i have to use a socket and hammer
well i no the bottom ball joints are gone but even when they wernt the plae was at the bearing well ill try new bottom ball joints see if that cures it do u no any good websites for honda parts? i usually get them from stodarts but they are quiet expensive

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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