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Honda trx 300 4x4 1997

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I have a hond fourtrax 300 trx from 1997. I bought it used. It runs great for a while, then heats up and dies. Sits for a while and I can start it again, has a dead battery but i dont think that is the issue. Could the oil not being changed for a while heat it up and cause it to die? The oil looks clean. It has sat for a whild but Ive drained the tank and put fresh fuel and stableizer in the fuel. Any comments or advise would be appreciated! Thanks
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Welcome to the forums. The Fourtrax 300 don't have a fan unless someone added it as an option. It don't have an oil cooler either.

I would test the ignition coil. It might be getting hot and dying. You can test it with an ohmmeter.
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