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It's brand spanking new, the back isn't even broken. It covers all models of the 1998-2004 foreman 450.

I'm selling the machine and don't need the manual. Paid $55 plus shipping last fall. Will sell for $50 with free shipping, or make an offer.

I'm going to put it on ebay if no one here needs it.


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Hello,I am new to this forum and hope for help.I have recently purchased a 2000 Honda 450 TRX ES and I am in need of an owners manual.i found one for 2001 but not 200o...Help!!!Thanks..
Welcome to the forums. I have a link to an owner's manual for every year, but the 2000. But the 2000 should be the same as the 2001, anyway. I don't think they changed much between those two years.
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