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Honda Recon 250 brake collar problem HELP!!

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Hey Ya'll,

I need help PLEASE! I have taken the two nuts off the rear axle, the 5 nuts off the brake drum face, but cant get the brake drum apart. The manual says I need to take the colar off before the drum will slid off the axle, but doesnt tell me how to get the collar off. Its either stuck or has something holding it on.

Please help! I have the bike torn down and need to get these rear shoes on, but cant get to them!!!!

Anyone tell me how to get the collar off please?????
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Welcome to the forums.
It sticks and wont come off. Any ideas? Does it have to be lined up on the shaft in a certain way?
It should just pull off. It don't have to be lined up any certain way. Try tapping on the end of #4 with a block of wood and a hammer and try to push it through as you pull the face plate off. Be careful not to damage the end of #4 or you won't be able to get the brake lever back on. If you can push #4 through and pull the face plate off, you should be able to see what's hanging it.
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