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Honda Recon 250 brake collar problem HELP!!

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Hey Ya'll,

I need help PLEASE! I have taken the two nuts off the rear axle, the 5 nuts off the brake drum face, but cant get the brake drum apart. The manual says I need to take the colar off before the drum will slid off the axle, but doesnt tell me how to get the collar off. Its either stuck or has something holding it on.

Please help! I have the bike torn down and need to get these rear shoes on, but cant get to them!!!!

Anyone tell me how to get the collar off please?????
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What year????? What number are you referring to??
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ok this is from a 2002 recon there should be a snap ring #20 just behind the dust seal #17.
Did you disconnect #7 and remove #22 and #19? that attaches to the cam #4

Also the seal, clip and bearing should slide off with that cover, you shouldn't have to remove those items.
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