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Honda Rancher Tire Suggestion

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Hello folks,

First time posting here. Looking for some help on tire selection for my 2012 Honda Rancher.

Tire size is:

FRONT: 25x8-12
BACK: 25x10-11

I don't want to spend more than 300-350 for tires. All I use the wheeler for is getting back and forth to my mining claims in Colorado. Other than that is sits in the garage 11 months a year. Can you folks suggest some decent tires and a decent vendor to get them from?

We do not use it in the mud. The roads to the from the claim are rocky and loose gravel.

Thanks a lot. I have looked at a lot of tires but I have never purchased tires for an ATV before.
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These are on sale/closeout, kenda bear claws
Kenda Bearclaw Front / Rear Tire | MotoSport

For 1/2 price of the others with a good reputation I got them on my rancher

edit, price has gone up a bit from when I got them

Bear claws are definitely tough...

To stay in your price range, The ITP Mudlite may be more economical.

Many detest these tires, but I've never had a problem. This being I've only bought them in recent years and I believe this particular model has undergone some design changes... Especially the rubber compound.. Probably not a tire you would want to abnormally abuse, but for regular use, these tires are great..

I have some on my 84 ATC... They are very soft compound. Will last many years of just sitting and not go hard and crack. and hook up awsom in wet leaves and snow... and are also very plush, as in a nice ride..

I would have to say they are one of the best all round ATV tires and the price is great..
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I've ran both the mudlite and bearclaw. the bearclaw holds up to punctures better in rocky environments (just my experience)

both tend to run shorter then advertised height so keep that in mind. has good prices.
Artrax CTX Tire | MotoSport is what i'll be purchasing a set of this summer. bighorn knockoffs so they are meant for rocky and hard terrain. the reviews on these are good and everyone says they run true to size.
Thanks a lot for the help. I think I'm going to with the ITP Mud Lite AT Tires. I get a complete set for 281 shipped. That is a good deal. I think I get get 75-100 for mine. They are still in good shape and make a good set up spares for somebody.

Thanks folks!!
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