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Honda Rancher SRA shock upgrade

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I have a 2017 Honda Rancher SRA, the ride is quite rough in rocky terrain. Use it around the ranch for chores, including some light hauling and towing. Would I be better off with an IRS? I like the ride on my Suzuki King Quad with IRS a lot better.
Would changing the shock or spring significantly improve the ride? Any recommendations?
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NO changing rear shock will NOT make much of a difference, the costs will NOT be worth the difference in ride

getting an IRS rear suspension model is a better bet, but your going to take a beating selling or trading it in.
One small hope for you is maybe try adjusting the rear shock, get some more sag in things

and its a FACT as some time goes by it will soften up a LITTLE, will never be like an IRS rear atv however!
the new 2015-2018's SRA are the softest riding models honda ever put out too, so, if you think its bad now, you'd be scared of a older honda with a SRA design LOL

Honda still makes these things MORE for work than play!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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