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Honda Rancher Rear Brake Issue

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I'm in need of some advice on a rear brake problem. I have a 2006 Honda Rancher 350TM 2WD. I had a problem with the front brakes not working well. I ordered a set of brake shoes for all 3 brakes. I replaced the front brake shoes & adjusted them as best I could. The originals were not worn down that much. I still had no brake "pedal" on the left front brake handle.

I ordered a reverse bleeding system & used that on both front wheels. This pretty well flushed out the old brake fluid as well as bleeding the brakes. I still did not have any pressure build on the front brake system. I ordered a new master cylinder on ebay. I changed it out this morning and bled the front brakes again. Now the front brakes seem to be working pretty well.

The problem is the rear brake handle on the right handlebar does not build any pressure. The foot pedal works fine for the rear brake, but nothing from the handle. I do not understand how the rear brake is engaged from the handle. The foot pedal is straightforward, but I don't see what engages the rear brake from the handle on the master cylinder. I can't find anyway to bleed the rear brake. It looks like it is a cable system for both the hand lever & foot pedal. Can someone explain to me what I'm missing? I also have new shoes for the rear, but I haven't replaced them yet. The foot lever works well, I'm not convinced the rear shoes are bad.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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The front brakes use hydraulic pressure (the right handle), while the rear brakes, both with the left handle and foot pedal, are operated by cable. So, no hydraulics to the rear. It sounds like the cable from the right handlebar could be broken or bound up.
left lever to rear brakes is operated with a brake cable. most seize over time ?. you have two cables on left brake lever, one is for the reverse cable, the other larger cable ( if there ? ) is for the rear brake.
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