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Honda Rancher 420 - OEM Oxygen Sensor - 36531-HR3-A21

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The original Honda OEM oxygen sensor part number was 36531-HR3-A21 and was changed in the past year or so to part number 36531-HR3-A22. In so far as the most common DTC error code 23 for this sensor, which indicates an oxygen sensor heater problem, e.g. either a high resistance or open measurement between the two heater wires (white) on the sensor, the normal readings for the two sensor types between the two heater wires are as follows:

36531-HR3-A21 : 6 - 10 ohms (approximate)

36531-HR3-A22 : 14.5 ohms (approximate)

Several other sources for clearing Honda DTC error codes are covered by numerous other sources both on this forum and elsewhere.
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Thanks for that info, very helpful! I just bought a pair of ‘16 TRX420’s with EPS, barely broken in. And before I had a chance to ride either of ‘em, I’m now getting code 23 on both.

I measured megaohms / open circuit across both white wires on the heater circuit of the sensors on both units, so thanks to your info I know I need to replace them. A handful of short run-times to move, load, unload... I suspect condensation finished ‘em both off.

That said, any idea if the heater in the superseded part number is more durable? I couldn’t find any complaints of ‘18+ models with code 23, which I hope is a good sign.

I’m starting to second guess selling my trusty ‘00 TRX350FE, after seeing it’s not a rare issue.
Yeah, I’d found how to clear the codes. I used a jumper, seemed to have success as I got the flashing, but the code came right back / remained.

Which makes sense as the ohmmeter proved the heaters are open circuit.

Going to grab a couple new O2 sensors and get these quads sorted out. I went for a ride yesterday, and almost all of my doubts are gone.
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