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Honda Pioneer 500

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Over the weekend, I found a 2015 Honda Pioneer 500 and added it to the family and after the purchase, I changed every fluid in the unit (front/rear differential, installed battery tender, engine oil, air filter, spark plug, detailed the machine, lubricated moving parts and used all OEM Honda parts/materials). Yesterday, I was visiting the dealer and noticed a pull off front bumper from a Honda Pioneer 700, looked it over and thought, I can make that work, so the picture to the right is before and how a Honda Pioneer comes and the picture on the left is now my Pioneer 500 with a Honda Pioneer 700 front bumper mounted and fits great with modest modifications.

I am traveling this week and thinking of a bed for the Pioneer 500. I am not opposed to having something fabricated, but got my eye on something like this, one option and second option, so I'm open to ideas/suggestions.

Lastly, I will deal with the tires and winch once the rest is addressed. I have owned plenty of side by sides, but really like this one given the size and works perfect on a few areas on my property....


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I like option two, just have a question about how well built that aluminum bed is , i can't tell from the pics if the bed sides and tail gate are Double walled so dents and dings want show, if it's indeed double walled I think the aluminum.
If ya can snag some pics of tha bed, and that honda bed looks good, but I'm still liking that aluminum, surely there has to be some place here in the states where a person could get one ? Seems odd they don't have them here.
Can't do bad on free! I like the drop rack mod, looks good, and deep taking up 3/4 hight of that 5 gal bucket, n the full width of the machine, nice job.!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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