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Honda Fourtrax will not crank

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Hey y'all, I have a 1989 Honda FourTrax 300. a while ago it started making a clicking noise at starter solenoid so I replaced it. Now it won't do anything, no clicking or anything at all... I CAN kick start it, after I do that the starter will click again after the 4-wheeler is already cranked... Also after I kick start it, the headlights get very dim and flicker. Any idea what's going on??? any help is appreciated!!
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Do you have a electrical tester? If so we can tell you how to check for voltages. If no electrical tester you can get one at Wally Mart for less than $20 that will allow you to test instead of guess at what might be the problem.

Just a guess but probably the battery.

Old Harbor Freight has a 100 amp battery load tester for around $20 if you get a coupon. (coupons are available on-line)

I'm a electronics tech and have all kinds of testers and find myself using the HF boattery load tester quite often when testing Cycles and Lawn tractor batteries.
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