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Honda Fourtrax 400 - gear issue

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Dear brains trust,
I have a Honda Fourtrax 400cc 2005 model,
I bought it off a guy, and it doesn't select reverse, nor drive in lower gears, seems it's stuck in top gear so easily stalls. He said it was "an easy fix"..

Just looking for advice, I'm pretty handy at fixing most things, so knowing what could be wrong is what I'm chasing info on, just don't know alot about quads.

Keen to get it going properly to use on the farm, so any info in appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Hondamatic problems. No simple fixes on these that i know of; sorry but sounds like seller pulled a fast one on you.
Bit of a dog act hey.

So is that the gearbox needs replacing ?
is starts in gear and idles?
is the idle set too high?
Sorry man, it's been awhile, it was starting and idling, idk if in gear or neutral,

Battery is dead so, can't even try atm, pull started, but what a pig to pull start 😂
Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

So does it just not indicate on the dispay that you are in R or D when you move the physical shifter? Or is the problem that it does go into D but is stuck in a high gear ratio?

Does it act as it should when running in ESP mode?
It's been awhile, but yeah, I think esp flashes, but no reverse and I think goes to D
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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