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so this is now my 3rd time buying a new fuel pump for my bike so it used to do the click sound and i thought that was good and that made the fuel come out but now my 2 day old 3rd fuel pump it won’t pump gas at all the gas is on and everything i need help and what to do all my fuses look good can somebody text me what the hell i need to do i am done buying fuel pumps if there just gonna work for 1 or 2 day phone number (8325061176)

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it possible the pump is working but your tank has some junk in it and the suction lines are clogged?
The fuel tank has two suction lines in it which terminate in a basket screen.
Remove the petcock and tale an old piece of brake cable—about a foot—if it doesn’t go all the way in you have a clog.
Your petcock and fuel filter could also be clogged.
Running dry can burn up a pump
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