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Honda Fourtrax 300 Rear Differential spacers

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Doing some maintainence on the 300 (yes again) and have the rear end completely dissambled. Got to the diff, splited the cases and started cleaning. Got it all shined up only to find out that their are supposed to be 2 spacers either side of the ring gear. I managed to find one, whether it was the only one that came out or I managed to lose one in the process.

How important are these? I know it sets the backlash? Between the ring gear and the pinion, but is it really going to matter? And if it does matter how do I know what size I am going to need? I know that they dont share the same size either side of the ring gear which will make it harder. And the parts list online is really not helpful, I think their are about 20 different variations listed under the same part number.

I appreciate all the help.
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Very important.

1.50mm is standard, for both sides. They go in intervals of 0.06mm, whatever one side moves the other moves opposite. So if the right spacer is 1.44mm then the left has to be 1.56mm. Kind of narrows it down. if you measure what you have you should be able to figure out what the other side would have been.

Now, the other thing about that is that what was in there to start with may not give you the correct backlash either. The right way to do it would be to measure the backlash and buy the shims to get it correct, if needed.

The correct way to measure backlash, the numbers you need to look for, what way to change the shims to increase/decrease backlash etc. will all be in the factory service manual.
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