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Hi to all,
before I will form my question here are detail informations from my Fourtrax:
FIN: 478TE1526WA001714
Model: TRX 300 FWV
Motortype: TE15E
Birth: 1998
Wiring diagram: 0030Z-HM5-A100
ICM: HM5 7200

For a few weeks ago my Forutax stopped during driving on the road. Nothing is lighting on the control panel (neutral, reverse and oilcheck). The summary of my troubleshooting was a faulty ICM or CDI unit. I started with "google" to find the fitting unit. With searching "HM5-7200" I get no outcome. So I call my Honda dealer and he told me only the CDI unit with two connectors is assambled in my FourTrax. The problem is that I have a ICM with a 8pin connector as described in the wiring diagram. Price of the CDI € 545,-! After searching for a similar CDI I found a CDI in Amazon: CDI Unit. After replacement and turn on the switch the led from neutal was lighting. A little bit lighter as normal but it lights. If I put in reverse gear the led is niot lighting. So I started with a short drive. During driving on the road (100meters) the rotation speed was limited and it goeas always up and down. So I stopped driving. I put neutral gear and the led didn't light anymore. I put in reverse gear and the Led for reverse light. I drive back to may house and then also the led from the reverse gear goes down. I can start with this CDI my ATV but driving is not possible.

So I checked out a new CDI: CDI Unit2
The kit named: 30400-HM5-506 => TRX300/FW DC-CDI unit replacement instructions
I hope that this CDI will fit with my ATV. I assembled the unit as described in the instruction. After turning on the switch nothing lights on the control leds. After starting the engine the led for the oil lights. The led for neutral was not lighting. I increase the speed and after a few seconds later the CDI unit burst.

I search in so many forums but I found no suitable unit. Is it possible that the assembled ICM is from another Honda Model? 1998 is also a year where the Fourtrax get a "facelifting" and maybe some parts newer?

Who knows the correct ICM/CDI Unit for this model? Rectangle Gas Electric blue Electronic device Cable
Communication Device Rectangle Gadget Automotive lighting Wood

Thank you guys for your feedback.

brgds Martin
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