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I have a 1996 Honda Fourtrax 300 2x4. The shocks are really getting soft.
Its not uncommon for me to put 100# of corn on the front and 200# of corn on the back, plus myself.
And when i'm not hauling a load i'm generally on mountain terrain.
I have gotten over 10 years of use out of this ATV already but its time to start performing some maintenance.
I'm about to put new brake shoes and adjusters on front and rebuilt master cylinder. I just put new Maxxis Zilla tires on it.
I just ordered a new carburetor intake boot, hoping it will fix the intermittent high idle. New starter and solenoid. New battery.
And at some point figure out how to bring the rear brakes back to life. When i bought it the left hand brake was broke off, and there is not cables or anything running to the rear brake from the foot brake or front brake.

But for now I am looking for shocks that will give me some added stiffness to support the weight and maybe some added ride height.
I have heard/read about putting Rancher 350 shock on the rear. Is this something i should consider?
What shocks should i go with for the front?

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You have a few options...

New, you can try Bronco shocks, fairly priced and adjustable. The top end of the spectrum you have 512 progressive shocks which are undoubtedly the best. I have them on my 450 foreman, I'd never buy OEM or another brand again. They aren't the cheapest but you pay for quality.

Alternatively, you could replace with good used OEM shocks and fit a 2" bracket lift to give a little extra ride height.
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