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In first, sorry for my bad english because i am french.
It is impossible to change speed on a fourtrax 250 made in 2004. By pushing the buttons nothing appears, no noise.
The battery is ok, clutch is ok, the electric motor is ok and i have no errors on the display.
If i change manualy the speed, i have the correct number on the display.

I have two questions :

On the gearshift switch, i measure the continuity on the up end down position and i have the continuity without pushing the buttons. Is it normal (same result without pushing or in pushing) ?
The voltage is ok and is 5 Volts.

The problem seems to be on the angle sensor. The resistance is 2 Mohms on the total resistance and the same value on the variable resistance. On the service repair manual is max. 5 kohms.

If somebody can help me.

Best regards.

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welcome to the forums. sounds and looks like a bad angle sensor alright.
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