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Honda Foreman S 450

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I just go my first Honda. My question is can I get a newer display to show what gear I’m in? I know ‘01 display shows it. Thanks
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What about the Warn 424? Is that worth installing to switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive?
I didn't see were you mentioned the year of your 450 , it makes a difference when you install the 424 kickout , on the 98-2001 the 424 will drop right in , on the 2002-2004 they have an electric shift front diff , the 424 isn't going to work with that 2002-2004 diff , you can replace the 2002-04 diff with a 98-2001 diff and then use the 424 , you will have to do a little grinding and cutting on the frame for it to fit ----I have both the first gen (98-2001) 450S and the second gen ( 2002-2004 ) 450FM both with 424's in them , also have 3 -300s with the 424 and another 300 1st gen 424 in shipping right now , so you could say I seen some live action with then 424 , best mod you can do to a full time 4 wd atv , between Sam and myself , I think we could get you going with a 424 , they are pricey , usually $350-375 , worth it once you ride it
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