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I like to ask a question I have the foreman 450 es no real problem but I did ask before a few times about the shift problem only on step climbs or descending down the trail.
I find on sharp angles on trails the quad will not shift:example climbing a trail off road in 1st gear maybe 2 to 3 mi the quad will not shift into second gear but as soon as the angle start to level out no problems in shifting.
I also find it on step downgrades if you are in first or second gear the bike will not shift until you start to level out.
I wonder if this is a safety feature or will I need to look else were as far as clutch adjustment or angle sensor.
I have no problem on small climbs or any other type of road surface the bike shifts with out any problems

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I'm not sure, but I would try adjusting the clutch free play and see it it helps.
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