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Honda EFI Fuel Filter Replacement

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Here is the procedure for replacing the fuel filter in the Honda EFI systems. The fuel filter is located inside the fuel pump on these models.

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oh ok thanks helmut.
You're welcome.
Haven't done this yet, but im about to do it later today after work. Its it pretty simple?
Anyone done this on their rancher 420s?? Im gonna probably chang mine out at 1000 miles but not overly sure of tearing apart my machine...
this is a very simple, easy task, and should be done in good intervals. bob dont be scared LOL
can someone re-up the photos and show how to do this again, thanks!
@heartstopper if they wont put new photos up on here,,, there is some on Honda foreman forum just search fuel pump filter or fuel filter it should come up!! I think helmut is the one that put them up on that forum too!!
I have a 2016 Rancher with EFI I got from a repo sale. Ran great now it just quit. Not getting fuel. Is there a fuel filter sock on the pump and is it in the tank?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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