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Start with the basics that are most likely to cause your problem. Most likely your carburetor needs a good cleaning and maybe a rebuild. If it needs a rebuild do NOT buy a cheap kit..... Shiny kits are highly recommended. A carb is no place to cheap out.

Have you checked your spark plug to see what it looks like? Will show if bike is running lean or rich.

You really need a service manual for your model and follow the instructions closely when cleaning the carburetor. or you'll only makes thing worse Check the forum to see if there is one for your model. Also, there is a sticky on the forum with instructions but may not be specific to your model.

Be sure gasoline is fresh and non-ethanol is best.

If this just started out of the blue be sure to check your header bolts since you mentioned the possible air leak.

If the above things do not solve your problem let us know. There are many people here to help you. Welcome to the forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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