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'07 Honda ATV Oil Problem?

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Honda 420es Oil Replace Engine?

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Have a 420 Es Rancher from Honda - Wife's Bike. Only has 300 Miles on it purchased new. Changed Oil @ Dealership 1x - Myself 1x - 3rd time went to change the oil. Picked Up Oil @ Dealership and Tech reminded me that in order to change oil it had to be done at exact footpound pressure. Did this and it stripped the aluminum thread - Not only stripped thread but broke it off in engine Crank Case. Should have done it like normal and just cozied it on up. Major Issue Now. Needs Whole New 1/2 Engine to fix. 1800.00 for an oil change. 250.00 In parts Honda will pay for but will not pay for Labor 1400.00 - Thought i could fix myself? Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix? I have heard others with this problem - Definitely bad design by Honda - Some were able to get Honda to fix completely. So far won't do it. Should be recalled. Any Answers?
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I'm thinking inch pounds.... What broke off???

my oil drain was stripped out so I took a pipe tap and re tapped it to a different thread I poured about a half a gallon of hydraulic oil through the crankcase without the plug in it to wash out any shavings but I also did this with the quad up on stands all the way around so if any shaving did ge loose they would fall to the floor. That was about 4 months ago and it doesnt leak to this day. I also tefloned the threads.
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