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'07 Honda ATV Oil Problem?

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Honda 420es Oil Replace Engine?

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Have a 420 Es Rancher from Honda - Wife's Bike. Only has 300 Miles on it purchased new. Changed Oil @ Dealership 1x - Myself 1x - 3rd time went to change the oil. Picked Up Oil @ Dealership and Tech reminded me that in order to change oil it had to be done at exact footpound pressure. Did this and it stripped the aluminum thread - Not only stripped thread but broke it off in engine Crank Case. Should have done it like normal and just cozied it on up. Major Issue Now. Needs Whole New 1/2 Engine to fix. 1800.00 for an oil change. 250.00 In parts Honda will pay for but will not pay for Labor 1400.00 - Thought i could fix myself? Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix? I have heard others with this problem - Definitely bad design by Honda - Some were able to get Honda to fix completely. So far won't do it. Should be recalled. Any Answers?
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Wow!!!! Try to talk to your dealer and or another to see if you have more options. The dealer stripped my buddys dads 450r out once and they fixed it them selves they tried to cover it up but it did not work. Dealers can be foolish so watch out.
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